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Sauton 16pcs Forstner Woodworking Drill Bit Set Boring Hole Saw Cutter...

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Freud Precision Shear Forstner Drill Bit 1-3/4-Inch

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Irwin Marples Wood Drilling Forstner Bit 2" from Newell Brands

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Starting a woodworking project without first acquiring a drill machine is quite a pointless endeavor. Sure, you can do without a drill machine for really small projects, but if you want to make something substantial, sooner or later you’re going to have to get a drill machine.

But a drill machine can’t be bought without first selecting the proper drill bits to go along with it, of which there are quite a few types on the market all specific to the kind of work they do. One of the drill bits you’ll need to buy are Forstner drill bits, and there is no better place to look for recommendations than on ForstnerDrillBit.com.


About Us

ForstnerDrillBit.com focuses on providing its customers with info on Forstner drill bits that can be used with any drill machine on the market. The drill bits we promote have all been sharpened to the max to provide ease of use and efficiency when drilling, and each drill has been designed to have it last for a long time even under relatively rough use. The drill bits are made from only the best materials, so you can be sure that every product is of premium quality.


Why Buy Forstner Drill Bits

Forstner drill bits can drill out large smooth holes in wood, the kind you might need when clearing out space for a doorknob on a door. They’re shaped to always provide you with a clean circular cut into the wood and can even be used to clear out holes at an angle or hanging over the edge of a wooden board.

In contrast, when a spade drill bit or a spiral drill bit are used to clear out a similar hole in the wood, the resulting cut is nowhere near as clean or smooth as when you use a Forstner bit, nor is it as easy to guide a drill machine to make a large hole when drilling with any bits other than the Forstner kinds. Since all of this has a significant effect on the quality of the final product, it’s better to opt for a Forstner bit in this scenario.


The Different Kind of Forstner Bits Available

Forstner bits are commonly available in three types which are categorized by the type of outer rims they have. The three common designs for the outer rims are sawtooth, continuous (knife) edge, and wave edge rims. Sawtooth bits are built for more robust use and take longer to wear down, while continuous rim bits give a smoother and more stable cut at the cost of lifespan.

Wave edge rims, on the other hand, strike a nice balance between the robustness of the sawtooth bits and the proficiency of the continuous edge kind, making them a suitable compromise between the two. They are, however, more expensive than the other two kinds.



Regardless of what kind of Forstner drill bit you need, there is no better place to look for advice than on forstnerdrillbit.com. We’ve even got a few recommendations on what products to buy so be sure to check those out!