The Ultimate Guide To Selecting And Using The Right Forstner Drill Bits

forstner drill bits

Forstner drill bits are small drills used to produce flat holes on the surfaces. An immediate example of these holes would be the holes made on the salt and pepper shakers.

The drill bits are the only drills that can help you create overlapping holes. This makes them an ideal choice for creating mortises.


The process is pretty simple. The first step is to drill the hole. The second step is to refine it with a good chisel and give it a cleaner look. Once done with that, move on to drilling the next hole.

Forstner drill bits can also be used to drill holes into vertically-angled sides. This leads to a much easier hole and space alignment.  As flawless as it may seem, these drill bits aren’t used every time you need to do some drilling.


That’s because, compared to the other drill bits available on the market, Forstner drill bits are a little more fragile in nature. Even the slightest miscalculation in terms of speed or applied force could destroy the drill bits within minutes.

drill bits

To make sure your drill bit doesn’t get damaged, try to keep your speed in control. Also, make it a point not to apply too much force when using it.

Moreover, if you come across a blued Forstner bit, don’t use it anymore because it’s been damaged. Although Forstner drill bits are quite sturdy in nature, things can get out of control if you’re not careful with the way you use your Forstner drill bit. 


Choosing The Right Speed For Your Forstner Drill Bit

Because of their fragile nature, it’s always a wise idea to be careful with your Forstner drill bits and manage the speed in a proper and balanced way.

Especially if you’re using a trigger-controlled hand drill, don’t forget about the actual speed of the drill chuck and try your best to keep the speed within the given range. Make it a point not to exceed that bracket.


Plus, hand drills usually don’t come with any strict speed regulation features. Hence, you need to be on your guard at all times and keep an eye out for any accidental rise in speed beyond the maximum speed range of the drill.


General Care – Points To Consider

One of the drawbacks to Forstner drill bits is their tendency to jam easily. This explains why they are also known as dull chippers. However, a newly bought Forstner drill bit is ready for action as soon as you take it out of its box.

That being said, you can improve the performance of its chippers by sharpening them with a stone.  Speaking of which, you can either go for a straight stone or shaped one. It’s totally up to you.


Final Word

When all is said and done, everything has its own unique set of pros and cons and Forstner drill bits are no exception to this rule. However, their pros do outweigh their cons. And the truth is, that’s what most of us are usually looking for.


Your decision to use a Forstner drill bit is totally up to you and your specific drilling requirements. That being said, it’s wiser to get complete information before going through with your purchase.


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